Looking for a (side) job for a few hours per week? Well, we are looking for newspaper deliverers in your hometown! All-Inn Verspreidingen is a leading distribution company in The Netherlands, we distribute free door-to-door newspapers with advertising leaflets. And we can always use some help with that. 

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In The Netherlands people receive a free door-to-door newspaper once a week. Sometimes it comes with leaflets. A lot of people are happy to receive the newspaper and leaflets. They are eager to read the latest local news facts, learn about events or sale at the local stores. As a newspaper deliverer you bring the newspapers and leaflets to people’s homes, most likely on Wednesday or Thursday afternoon. You can deliver the newspapers by bike or foot and you can do it by yourself or ask a friend for some company.

Good to know: you do not need to speak Dutch for this.

  • a valid ID
  • a citizen service number (BSN)
  • a work permit for The Netherlands
  • to be at least 13 years old

Are you unsure whether you can deliver newspapers? Send us a message. We are happy to take a look with you.

Of course you get paid for your hard work. As soon as we have a job for you, you will hear what the fee is. The fee depends on the number of leaflets and the weight of the leaflets and/or newspaper. The compensation therefore changes every week. Around the 15th of each month you will be paid for the entire month before. Once a year, around Christmas time, you also get money by handing over holiday wishes to your delivery addresses.

Want to be a newspaper deliverer? You can apply via the registration form or you can send a mail to After registration we will check within 48 hours whether we need a newspaper deliverer in your neighbourhood. If this is not the case, we will contact you as soon as a job becomes available. Questions? call our delivery administration on 0571 – 274137.


    Are you older than 18?

     Please leave the contact details of your parents or caretakers.

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